Time Schedule
10:00-10:05 [5’]
SAKAI Hideyuki (RIKEN)
Opening Remarks
10:05-10:40 [35’]
Karlheinz LANGANKE (GSI Helmholtzzentrum)
Exploring the Universe – the Scientific Opportunities at Radioactive Ion-Beam Facilities
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10:40-11:15 [35’]
HAHN Kevin Insik (Ewha Womans University)
Nuclear Astrophysics and Structure Experiments Using RI Beams
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11:15-11:40 [35’]
Rituparna KANUNGO (Saint Mary’s University)
Rare Isotopes Unveil a New Era in Nuclear Science
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11:40-12:40 [60’]
Lunch Break
12:40-13:15 [35’]
Sydney GALES (IPN Orsay)
Large Scale Radioactive Ion Beam Facilities in Nuclear Physics : Science and Society Impact
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13:15-13:50 [35’]
WATANABE Hiroshi (Beihang University)
Nuclear Decay Studies of Rare Isotopes : Overview of Decay Spectroscopy at RIBF
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13:50-14:00 [10’]
14:00-14:35 [35’]
TAMURA Hirokazu (Tohoku University)
Hypernuclear Physics – Recent Results and Future Prospects
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14:35-15:10 [35’]
CHOI Seonho (Seoul National University)
Various Manifestations of Nuclear Structure – Shapes of the Nuclei as an Example
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15:10-15:20 [10’]
SAKAI Hideyuki (RIKEN)
Closing Remarks

※ Lunch is not provided to attendees

Venue IBS, Daejeon (Auditorium (2F), IBS Science Culture Center)